Monday, July 2, 2012

Suzy Packs Up Her Stuff and Goes to Gong Yoo’s House

Suzy has made a surprising appearance at the newly-married Gong Yoo’s house. 
In new preview still cuts for KBS’ Big, Suzy’s Jang Mari is seen all packed up and making an appearance at the house of Kyung Joon (Gong Yoo) and Da Ran (Lee Min Jung).

In the previous episodes, Kyung Joon and Da Ran had gotten married and had come to live together in Kyung Joon’s house. While Jang Mari had threatened to move into Kang Kyung Joon′s house, the previews indicate that she made good on her threat.

Netizens commented on the previews saying, “Suzy’s beauty is blinding”, “I knew Ma Ri wouldn’t just keep to herself” and “Ma Ri, you can live in my house!”

The scene will air on July 2.



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