Sunday, July 1, 2012

TVXQ kicks off their historic fanclub event tour in Japan

 TVXQ has begun their large-scale fan meet tour starting with the Saitama Super Arena in Japan!

On July 1st, Sankei Sports reported that the boys had opened up their fanclub event tour on June 30th. This fanclub event tour will mark the biggest in Japan’s music history as it will be attended by over 100,000 fans.
Various events were planned for those attending, such as a special quiz corner and a chance to tasteYunho‘s home made spicy mixed noodles. Changmin made the fans go crazy with his cover ofExtreme‘s “More Than Words” alongside a guitar performance.
The boys also performed their newest track, “Android“, for the first time, which is scheduled for release on July 11th.
Changmin expressed, “We’ve done a lot of live performances in the past, but I think today’s the day I was the most nervous. Today’s a day that I will never forget.”

 Source + Photos: Oricon, Star News via Nate


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