Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Did Infinite’s Agency Do For the Group After Its First Place Finish?

Infinite members have revealed how they moved up after they won first place on music programs.
On the July 1 broadcast of SBS’ You and I, the MCs asked the Infinite members if there were any changes after they placed first on music programs with their hit song Be Mine.

The Infinite members replied, “[Before our win] we lived in house that leaked when it rained and didn’t even have a door to the front entrance as our dormitory. But now we live in a nice apartment with an elevator.”

The other members added, “We even have two bathrooms, a guard who protects us and takes our packages for us. Things are really great right now.”

Also during the interview segment, when asked about Infinite’s dreams, the members shared, “We want to create music that is relatable to all ages, regardless of one’s age. We want to be great.” 



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