Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wonder Girls’ Sun is Open to Moving to Haiti to Be With Missionary Boyfriend After Marriage

Wonder GirlsSun may one day end up living in Haiti.The Wonder Girls and f(x) both appeared as guests on the July 2 episode of Mnet’s Beatle’s Code 2.

During the episode, Wonder Girls’ Sun dished on how she and her boyfriend met, telling once more the famous story of how the two’s relationship blossomed during Sun’s recent mission trip to Haiti.

“I approached him first as I’m not the kind of style to hide things,” Sun said. “But I found out it wasn’t the first time we had met in Haiti. I greeted him by saying, ‘It’s nice to meet you’, but he said to me, ‘This isn’t the first time’. It turns out we met twice before but I didn’t remember him. He remembered me though because of my job.”

Sun also shared that her boyfriend is still in Haiti doing mission work. 

Sun was then asked by MC Yoo Sang Moo, “If you get married are you going to go to Haiti to live?”

Sun then truthfully responded, “I think that could be a possibility.” 



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