Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wonder Girls to Reveal New Track ‘Like Money’

After receiving so much love with Like This, Wonder Girls is going ahead and releasing a new track titled,Like MoneyThe teaser artwork for the new single was uploaded by JYP Entertainment on July 4.
The teaser followed after a tweet by Park Jin Young, saying, “The reason why we’re challenging ourselves for the bigger world isn’t because we’re bored and in need of fun, but to go up against the world and earn more knowledge and understanding. The result of Wonder Girls’ sweat and tears for the past three years will be revealed starting this week. It’s good to anticipate it.”

Like Money was created by top composer Cri$tyle, who has over 40 million fans on Facebook and have created hit songs for world renowned artists, and was written by Lee Woo Suk (Rainstone).

The choreography was created by Jonte Moaning, who also covered Wonder Girls’ Be My Baby and The DJ is Mine. Jonte Moaning is also known best for working with Beyonce.

The director who also worked on the television movie The Wonder Girls has also participated in this grand project. Fans who watched The Wonder Girls movie will have already heard a snippet of the song, as the girls practiced to the song in the film.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls will be holding its first exclusive concert in Korea on July 7 at 7pm (KST) in Jamsil, Seoul. 



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