Monday, July 2, 2012

YG Entertainment reveals trainee video as “Future 2NE1″

Though YG Entertainment currently houses some of the biggest K-pop artists in the industry like Big Bang and 2NE1, this powerhouse agency seems to already have its eyes on its next generation of artists!
In a new video clip revealed on its official Youtube channel titled ‘Future 2NE1 (4 years later)’, YG reveals four trainees, all aged between 12 & 13, working hard in the practice room. From a sexy choreography piece to Usher‘s “OMG” to a solo cover of “I’m Dat Chick” by Kelly Rowland, these young girls seem to be well on their road to becoming YG’s next top artists.
Viewers are already posting numerous comments sharing a range of reactions, with some expressing discomfort with the video title implying the “replacement” of 2NE1, and others wary of watching pre-teen girls dancing so provocatively. However, a wide majority of viewers have expressed anticipation for whatever YG Entertainment has in store.
Check out the video below and tell us what you think!


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