Friday, November 30, 2012

Bada shares photos of S.E.S. at their 15th anniversary fan meeting

 Singer Bada of original “fairy” girl group S.E.S. shared photos of their reunion at a fan meeting.

Bada wrote on her personal Twitter account on November 28th,“I hope our foreign fans have returned safely, and that everyone who came in from rural areas or other difficult places returned comfortably. We’re sending [you our love] with these purple flowers once again. Be happy <3.”
She later added, “We still play like this so we must be fairies to the bone. When we debuted, Lee Soo Man got us fairy insurance. It expires after 30 years so we still have 15 years left.  Hehehe.”
Bada, Eugene, and Shoo had a fan meeting to commemorate their 15th anniversary on the 24th and took some photos to remember the event.
Netizens commented, “Your sisterly love is so beautiful“, “How do you stay beautiful even after being married?“, “The oldest, Bada, please get married soon!“, and more.


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