Friday, November 30, 2012

Kim Ha Neul attends promotional events in Taiwan for ‘Gentlemen’s Class’

Actress Kim Ha Neul had a successful round of promotions in Taiwan for her drama, ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘.

The actress visited the country on November 27th for a three-day stay and was greeted by a large crowd from the moment of her arrival at the airport. Sponsored by Taiwan’s ‘Videoland‘, her promotional visit has been on the radar for many fans as they await the broadcast beginning November 29th.
At the official press conference, several local media outlets competed for answers and statements, including some from China and Hong Kong as well. Kim Ha Neul talked about her feelings on her visit to Taiwan as well as fun stories that happened on the set of filming. Despite the drama having completed its run in Korea, many were surprised to see that it still held much popularity overseas.
The final stop was at a pre-school where she attended a ‘Love’s T-Shirt’ public service event by helping kids design their own t-shirts and acting as their one-day teacher. The t-shirts were put up for auction online with all proceeds being donated to underprivileged children in Taiwan.
Kim Ha Neul stated, “Thank you so much to everyone who took an interest. I hope that ‘Gentleman’s Class’ will be a fun drama for everyone in Taiwan.”


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