Thursday, November 29, 2012

‘Iris 2′ continues filming in Hungary with ‘Die Hard 5′ production staff

With the addition of the ‘Die Hard 5‘ staff to the production team of ‘Iris 2‘, producers have revealed that the drama is being taken to new heights as they begin their filming in Hungary.

This is the second time the staff of ‘Die Hard 5′ are joining forces with the KBS drama, as they were invited to the set during the filming of the first season. In charge of the action scenes, the staff had much to add in terms of quality to the drama, as they had just finished shooting in Hungary for the fifth installment of the popular action movie, ‘Die Hard’, titled ‘A Good Day to Die Hard‘.
Staff were apparently surprised at the level of action quality in each of the ‘Iris 2′ scenes and claimed that they were just about on par with ‘Die Hard 5′, a definite compliment considering that ‘Iris 2′ is just a drama while ‘Die Hard 5′ is a full on action film. Many were impressed with Jang Hyuk‘s action scenes in particular.
A representative stated, “Thanks to the cooperation and support of the Korean embassy and the Hungarian government, we have been able to shoot a lot of high quality scenes during our stay here. Please anticipate them.”
Check it all out when the new season begins on February 13th, 2013!


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