Thursday, November 29, 2012

Speculations of Sunmi’s return to the Wonder Girls fueled after recent chat

With rumors about the Wonder Girls‘ disbandment floating about since news of Sun‘s upcoming wedding came to light, members YennyYubin, and inactive member Sunmi recently sat down with fans for a chat discussing their future plans.

Held on the morning of November 29th, Yenny and Yubin stated, “We’re all going to work hard, including Sunmi, with the same heart so that the Wonder Girls can continue forward and so that we don’t keep our fans waiting for long. We’ll leave you with a big present. Sunmi-ya~”
Sunmi then came in the chat room to say, “I’m nervous to be greeting you all for the first time in such a while. I’ve missed you! I’m working hard right now to bring you guys some good news with the other members.”
Netizens are already building excitement for what the good news could be, with some speculating that Sunmi might even be returning to promote with the group. Comments included, “Will Sunmi be taking Sun’s place in the group?”, “It sounds like Sunmi could be returning”, and “I have a feeling it’s Sunmi’s comeback!”


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