Friday, July 22, 2011

‘Sleeping Eunjung’ strikes again

Known for her many ’sleeping’ pictures, T-ara’s Eunjung is cracking up fans once again with this new set of ’sleeping beauty’ photos.
In the first photo, Eunjung looks adorable as she sleeps with her hands folded primly over her stomach. In the other two photos, it looks like she’s passed all sense of composure, as she was snapped in a completely KO’d state.
Between filming for MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘, T-ara’s “Roly-Poly” activities, remaking the song “Round and Round“, for T-ara’s follow-up, and preparing for T-ara’s Japanese debut, it’s no wonder the girl’s exhausted. Eunjung had mentioned in the past that she tries to get as much sleep as possible whenever she has the opportunity. As a result, whoever’s closest to her at the time always manages to snap a hilarious photo.
Although she previously declared that she would no longer be photographed while sleeping, Eunjung has now managed to earn the cute nickname of ‘our nation’s sleepyhead‘.