Friday, June 29, 2012

Comedian Jang Dong Min reveals he was a bad boy

Comedian Jang Dong Min confessed that he was quite the bad boy back during his school years.

On the June 28th broadcast of KBS2‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘ Jang Dong Min came on as a guest and revealed that he was in his prime when he was a student. “I was very popular back then. I had a fan club when I was in junior high,” he said.
Even at a young age, wanting to stand out from the rest, he would seek out brand names. He confessed, “I did not want to wear the same clothes as the others, so even when we had to wear uniforms for P.E. I would wear athletic brand name training outfits. If my teacher would ask where my real uniform was, I would always tell him that it was being washed.  I think I did this for three years.”
His popularity continued to soar during his school years and thus, Jang Dong Min revealed that he received many love letters from girls. However, he played out his bad boy image, breaking the hearts of girls. “I even tore up a love letter in front of the girl who gave it to me,” he confessed. .
This weeks episode of ‘Happy Together’ continued from where it left off with stories from guests Jang Dong Min, Yoo Sang Moo, Yoo Sae YoonAhn Sun Young, and Kim Sae Rom.
Source: TV Report via Naver


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