Friday, June 29, 2012

‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ Yoon Se Ah is Mother Gothel from ‘Tangled’?

On June 27, Lee Jong Hyuk revealed his llama-doppelganger, but he wasn′t the only one in SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity that had a twin.

Uploaded on an online community on June 27, Yoon Se Ah, who is acting as Hong Se Ra in the drama, was compared with the cartoon character of Mother Gothel from the Disney movie Tangled.

With her curly hair, pale face, and large eyes, Yoon Se Ah’s close resemblance with Mother Gothel had netizens shocked. Even Mother Gothel’s cold and selfish personality was visible in Yoon Se Ah’s character.

Netizens commented, “It’s the hair that makes it,” “I got goosebumps because they are so similar,” and “They both look like poodles.”



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