Friday, June 29, 2012

‘Infinity Challenge’ Members Become the Heroic ‘Avengers’

Following the 2PM parody , there′s now a new parody, comparing the Infinity Challenge members with the superheroes in The Avengers.Created with a clever netizen with a sense of humor, the ‘Infinite-gers’ showed the seven member of MBC’s Infinity Challenge photoshopped into the bodies of movie’s heroes. 

The photo showed Yoo Jae Suk as Captain America, Park Myung Soo as Thor, Noh Hong Chul as Tony Stark, HaHa as Hawkeye, Jung Hyung Don as Black Widow, Gil as Nick Fury, and last but not least, Jung Joon Ha as the Hulk.

While some of Infinity Challenge members seem just a little bit...well, out of place, (really, we would rather not imagine Jung Hyung Don as Scarlett Johansson), some of the members fit perfectly with their Avenger counterparts - especially Jung Joon Ha, who′s dressed up as Shrek on the program before.

Netizens, who came across the picture, had a blast laughing over it, commenting, “Infinite-gers. So funny,” “They’re somewhat similar in a strange way,” and “I want to see Infinity Challenge members actually dressing up like this.”



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