Friday, June 29, 2012

Comedian Kim Sook danced in front of actor Lee Seo Jin’s house?

Comedian Kim Sook shared a hilarious story about how she embarrassed herself in front of actor Lee Seo Jin.

She appeared on the ‘Descendants of Park Mi Sun’ special on June 27th’s airing of ‘Radio Star‘ along with Park Mi SunKim Ji Hye, and Song Euni.
Kim Sook stated, “I went to Kim Ji Hye’s housewarming party, and there was a young security guard at her apartment building. If he was older, he probably wouldn’t have recognized me, but I guess he did because he said, ‘You must be here for block 101 unit 2703′.
She continued, “I went to the place the security guard directed me to and rang the doorbell, but no one answered even though I felt like someone was there. I went up close to the intercom and started to dance with a ridiculous expression on my face. Right then, I got a call from Kim Ji Hye. It turns out that I wasn’t at Kim Ji Hye’s apartment, but Lee Seo Jin’s.
Source & Image: My Daily via Nate


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