Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jinwoon and Changmin cheer on Jo Kwon for his “I’m Da One” performance

2AM member and now soloist Jo Kwon held his first stage performance yesterday though ‘Music Bank‘ and it seems his fellow group members came to show their support.

Jo Kwon recently shared on Twitter a picture of himself and two of the other 2AM members while writing,Seulong hyung had to go to a [script] reading for the film ‘26 Years‘, so with Jinwoon and Changminhyung”.
With Jo Kwon performing “I’m Da One“, Jinwoon and Changmin helped cheer him on by holding up placards that state, “U R DA ONE”.
Seeing the support of the members, fans didn’t forget to leave their own responses cheering Jo Kwon on, writing, “Jo Kwon I wish you daebak on your solo debut”, “The friendship between the 2AM members is so nice to see”, and “Fighting, Jo Kwon!”
Source + Photo: Jo Kwon’s Twitter


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