Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jo Kwon Takes a Series of Pictures to Commemorate His First Stage

Jo Kwon has revealed a series of photos of himself. On June 29, the 2AM member gearing up for his solo album promotions tweeted a short, “I’m Da One.”

The accompanying picture showed a series of photos of Jo Kwon. With a simple t-shirt and silver hair, as seen in his music video, Jo Kwon made a range of facial expressions looking like he was surprised, thoughtless, and pondering inside a car, presumably on the way to his first solo stage on KBS’ Music Bank.

Netizens commented saying, “Jo Kwon good luck on today’s stage” and “So many expressions” and “Jo Kwon is so cute.”

Jo Kwon is currently promoting his first solo album I’m Da One and made his comeback stage on June 29 on KBS’ Music Bank



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