Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kim Dong Wan was Pressured by Kim Myung Min’s Presence

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan said he wasn’t daunted at the thought of acting for the big screen, but at the thought of acting with Kim Myung Min.He attended the preview for Deranged held on June 27 in Seoul to open up on his thoughts about the film.

When asked whether he felt any pressure at going on the big screen for the first time since Spin Kick, Kim Dong Wan said, “Rather than feel pressure that it was my first in a long time, I felt more pressure that I would be acting with Kim Myung Minsunbae (senior). Ms. Moon Jung Hee would be playing a strong character, so that added to the sensation.”

He added, “Perhaps to lighten my load, Kim Myung Min sunbae got me some healthy food and snacks. I felt less pressured during shoots.”

Kim Dong Wan took on the role of the detective Jae Pil, who holds the key to the secret behind the story.

Although he is originally a singer, Kim Dong Wan managed to show off acting that didn’t fall behind even Kim Myung Min’s.

“In a fire scene, director Park Jung Woo wanted to make it look real so he even lit fires for scenes that could’ve been done through special effects, endangering us all,” Kim Dong Wan complained.

He also added, “In a scene where Kim Myung Min was holding me in his arms, I felt embarrassed, and I saw that actually showed onscreen.”

Deranged is about a man who fights to save his infected family from an epidemic of mutant parasitic worms.

Kim Dong Wan, Kim Myung Min, Moon Jung Hee and Lee Honey star in the film. It will premiere on July 5.



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