Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shin Seung Hun impressed by GLAM

Shin Seung Hun could not hold back from giving compliments to the growth of GLAM‘s member Miso.

On the episode of ‘Real Music Drama: GLAM‘ that aired on June 27th, the GLAM members were able to meet Shin Seung Hun in person. The group was able to pull off Bruno Mars‘s ‘Just the Way You Are‘ perfectly while adding their own twist to the song, impressing everyone on the set.
Shin Seung Hun could not stop smiling throughout the performance and said, “I see why Bang Shi Hyuk picked them,” acknowledging the girls’ talent. Especially regarding Lee Miso, whom he is meeting after a year since the end of ‘Birth of a Great Star‘, he said “I commend her dynamic vocals and sense of rhythm. I can clearly see that she has been improving each day since I last saw her.”
Shin Seung Hun also thanked Bang Shi Hyuk on video, saying “Thank you for saying we shouldn’t let Miso go- I owe you my life.”
‘Real Music Drama: GLAM’ airs on SBS-MTV every Wednesday at 8pm, and the episodes can also be viewed on the GLAM webpage.
Source: Naver


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