Friday, June 29, 2012

SNSD Hyoyeon is Still Fit after Eating Midnight Snacks

Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Hyoyeon has recently started eating late-night meals, yet her body is just as perfect as ever.Hyoyeon has been making issues through MBC’sDancing with the Stars 2 for her newfound charisma and perfect figure.

Her costumes have been especially creating issues, as they all emphasize her fit figure.

The producers, however, say that they’ve often seen Hyoyeon snacking late at night. The news comes as a surprise considering how girl groups usually get through hard-core diets to control their weights.

One official said, “Hyoyeon has been practicing her dances late into the night. The practice sessions usually exhaust her a lot.”

Her night snacks thus serve to fill in for the energy lost during practice.

In the ‘My Story Mission’, in which the contestants had to express themselves through ballroom dancing, Hyoyeon incorporated her favorite and first type of dance she learned when she was 12 years old, locking, into ballroom dancing for a powerful performance.

The performance placed her at the head of the competition with praise such as, “It was a performance that went well with the Cha-cha-cha” and “She played her bouncy charms to their full extent.”

Hyoyeon thus won the day’s competition with the highest points for the second time following her successful tango performance in the show’s third episode, stepping close to the final win.

The June 29 broadcast will be a dance collaboration mission, having the contestants dance an elegant standard at first and then run into a charismatic latin dance.

An eighth team will be eliminated after the day’s competition.



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