Monday, July 2, 2012

Infinite’s UNICEF Campaign Video Released

As part of Infinite’s partnership with UNICEF, a new video has been released for their joint campaign.
In the ‘We are strong’ campaign, Infinite encourages youths and young adults to make a birthday donation to UNICEF on his or her birthday to help kids.

In the video, each Infinite member represents seven different categories that donations will go towards including school supplies (Sung Kyu), medical vaccination (L), malaria prevention (Hoya), clean water (Sung Yeol), food and nourishment (Sung Jong), transportation (Woo Hyun) and joint presents (Dong Woo).

The video was narrated by Dong Woo while using Infinite’s Infinitize as the background music.”
The campaign’s homepage can be found here.

Watch the video below!



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