Thursday, June 28, 2012

Super Junior′s Shindong Makes Clothes for ‘The Beatles Code 2’

Super Junior’s Shindong went all out for Mnet’s The Beatles Code 2 and stitched up some costumes for the show.Shindong put together a plan to get some new clothes for the summer season of The Beatles Code 2.

He also made a promise to lose weight if viewership ratings rise, showing his attachment to the program.

The singer decided to make the costumes because he knew his way around such styles thanks to his promotions as a singer, and also because he’s recently been learning how to sew. He was actually the one that came up with the marine look idea for the summer.

On this Shindong said, “It’s an honor to be making the clothes for the MCs of the show. Please look forward to the new The Beatles Code 2.”

The Beatles Code 2, which recently brought in Tak Jae Hoon as a new MC, will be coming back with bigger laughs.

Its ‘parallel life’ concept, which ties together two teams of singers and tries to find everything in common about them, will be stretched farther, having the show look even into the origins of the parallel lives.



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