Friday, November 30, 2012

Photos of Taeyeon trying to read a letter next to tall Girls’ Generation members draw laughter

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon brought laughter to her fans as she looked adorable with her short height.

Photos of Girls’ Generation at a concert were recently posted online under the title, “Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, proof that she’s tiny“. In the photos, Yuri and YoonA are reading a letter that Yuri wrote. Taeyeon is trying to peek in next to the taller members, but had to tiptoe and crane her neck just to read over Yuri’s shoulder. When that tallest member Sooyoung joined the other tall girls, Taeyeon was completely dwarfed out, causing fans to laugh at the photos.
Fans commented, “Who cares if she’s short, she’s so cute!“, “This is so funny and cute at the same time“, and “Poor Taeyeon“.


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