Thursday, June 28, 2012

T-ara Launches its Own Line of Teddy Bears and Beverages

T-ara fans may soon be able to hug their very own T-ara teddy bear every night. T-ara has unveiled its own line of stuffed teddy bears called T-Bears.

Each T-Bear features one of the T-ara members on its T-shirt and is made in the image of the T-ara member. A total of seven T-Bears will be released initially.

The stuffed animals can be purchased at the Core Contents Media store and is already showing explosive popularity and interest. 

In addition, T-ara’s oxygen beverage, ‘Ttomo O2 Bien’ continues to be sold at the store site and starting in July will be available at marts, shopping malls and convenience stores with part of profits donated to charity. 

The T-ara members shared, “We have T-Bears for ourselves too and the cushion is very soft and comfortable. We hope many people will enjoy it too.”

T-ara will release its new single Day By Day on July 3.



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