Thursday, June 28, 2012

T-ara Members Pay Their Own Money and Refund Fees for Inauguration Ceremony

T-ara is returning love, encouragement and money to fans.On June 28, T-ara’s Core Contents Media (CCM) revealed it would be refunding all the entry fees that were paid by fans for T-ara’s upcoming first fan club inauguration ceremony to make it a free event for fans.

Originally, an entry fee of 10,000 Korean won was collected from fan club members for the inauguration ceremony for T-ara’s fan club, Queens.

However, at the request of the T-ara members, the agency decided to refund the money to make it a free event for fan club members.

CCM shared, “As it’s the first official meeting in three years, [the T-ara members] didn’t want to put pressure on the fans. The members have pooled together their own money and will refund the fees paid by the fan club members.”

The T-ara members added, “We hope the event will allow fans to enjoy and experience to their heart’s content and to find out all there is to know about T-ara.”
The fan club inauguration meeting will take place on July 14 at Seoul’s Kyunghee University′s Peace Hall. T-ara will also release its new album on July 3.



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