Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wonder Girls’ Yenny and Sun reveal J.Y. Park’s forgetful nature

Wonder Girls‘ Yenny and Sun playfully took a stab at J.Y.Park‘s forgetfulness.

On recent shooting of SBS ‘1000 Songs Challenge’, the Wonder Girls pointed out J.Y. Park’s forgetful nature. Yenny revealed, “It was my birthday recently, but J.Y.Park didn’t even call,” expressing her slight disappointment.
Sun then added, “Try to understand. He’s someone who will even forget his own birthday,” reminding Yenny and making the set chuckle.
On the same episode, the girls taught the other guests on set their popular “crab leg” dance from their hit song, “Like This“, earning much interest from everyone. Kim Jong Min and Hong Rok Gi even started to battle one another trying to shake their legs as fast as possible, and had the studio roaring in laughter.
This episode of SBS ’1000 Songs Challenge’ is set to air on July 1st.
Source & Photo : Newsen via Nate


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