Sunday, July 1, 2012

2AM’s Seulong and miss A’s Min comment on Jo Kwon’s “Animal” debut

2AM‘s Jo Kwon performed his new track “Animal” for the first time on this week’s ‘Music Core‘, and it seems that viewers weren’t the only ones he left an impression on.

Fellow 2AM member Seulong tweeted after Jo Kwon’s performance: “Jo Kwon has gone crazy. The best. I love you,” making it known that the debut stage of “Animal” did not disappoint. Seulong’s followers commented, “It was a completely shocking performance,” “As expected, you made sure to watch it,” and “Adorable love confession.”
JYP Entertainment label mate Min of miss A also posted to Twitter: “Jo Kwon’s performance today was so good!!! I’m an anima—-al, Fighting!!!” Her fans responded, “For real?” and “Fighting! ^_^”


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