Tuesday, July 3, 2012

‘Big’s Gong Yoo Has Good Chemistry With Child Actress Seo Yeon Woo

Big’s Gong Yoo is vibing with not only adult women but young girls too. On July 2, KBS released new behind-the-scenes images of Gong Yoo filming his scenes with child actress Seo Yeon Woo.

The pictures reveal Gong Yoo dressed in character as a doctor and chilling with the little girl. The pictures shows Gong Yoo giving Seo Yeon Woo a kiss on her hand, drawing together and Gong Yoo even being examined by ‘doctor’ Seo Yeon Woo.

A member of the drama production shared, “Despite the long hours of filming, Gong Yoo always looks out for [Seo Yeon Woo] and helps lead them while Seo Yeon Woo follows Gong Yoo quite well. Thanks to both of them we were able to create a pretty and touching scene.”
Netizens commented saying, “If I was the child I would have no other wishes in life”, “Gong Yoo looks like he’s a fan of Seo Yeon Woo too” and “I wish I had a husband like Gong Yoo and a daughter like Seo Yeon Woo.”

Big airs every Monday and Tuesday nights on KBS.



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