Tuesday, July 3, 2012

If You Give the ‘Running Man’ Family a Swing

  A recent comic featuring the cast of SBS Running Man has been cracking netizens up with its hilarity and accuracy.
 The comic titled “If you give the Running Man family a swing…” was uploaded on an online community and has been traveling rapidly around the internet. 

The cast members were turned into characters and each member had a specific scenario when met up with a swing.

Yoo Jae Suk wouldn’t ride it, but start hosting about it.

Song Ji Hyo, as the ace, would ride the swing like a pro.

Gary will have a peaceful expression on his face from start to finish.

Lee Kwang Soo would dig the ground with his long legs.

Kim Jong Kook would fly in his swing with his massive superhero strength.

HaHa would complain and talk the entire time instead of actually riding the swing.

And unfortunately for Ji Suk Jin, he would be edited out for not being funny.

Netizens and Running Man were surprised at the accuracy of the drawing, and commented, “The cartoonist really captured each member’s distinct quality,” “Anyone who sees this can relate,” and “I just died laughing.”

Running Man airs every Sunday on SBS and will feature Kim Soo Hyun on July 8’s episode. 



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