Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shin Se Kyung Makes Another Visit to ‘Running Man?’

With over a year since her last visit, Shin Se Kyung must have felt the need to visit the Running Man family again.On July 2, various photos of Shin Se Kyung participating in a filming rose up on social networking sites and online communities.

With the show’s trademark nametag stuck on her back, Shin Se Kyung is presumed to have been filming another episode of SBS Running Man.

The second guest is assumed to be Noh Sa Yeon, who also participated in the program a while back.

In the uploaded photos, all the female cast members are being carried by the men, hurriedly going somewhere. Noh Sa Yeon led the blue team, Song Ji Hyo the yellow team, and Shin Se Kyung the red team. 

After Shin Se Kyung showed quite a unique personality during her 2011 appearance, fans are anticipating her quirky humor once more.

Netizens commented, “She must really enjoy variety programs,” “I was anticipating Kim Soo Hyun’s episode, but now I have another episode to wait for,” and “How does Running Man cast all these big stars?”

Meanwhile, Running Man aired a trailer for July 8’s episode, featuring Kim Soo Hyun



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