Monday, July 2, 2012

Kim Jae Joong Takes Some Photos at Kim Junsu’s Home

Kim Jae Joong visited Kim Junsu at his home and took a series of photos to prove it.On July 1, Kim Jae Joong tweeted, ‘Our first break in many weeks. The temperature in Junsu’s house is refreshing.’

The photos that followed showed him in an orange v-neck shirt on a tour of Kim Junsu’s home from the recording booth to the living room.

He continued to take some photos of himself standing in front of framed photos of Kim Junsu that were on display at his home, and posted them with the captions, ‘With Tod’, ‘With the soccer god’ and ‘With Mozart’.

One photo even showed him with the real Kim Junsu sitting in a chair in his recording room.

Netizens who saw the photos replied, ‘Thank you for your storm of tweets’, ‘We got to see what Junsu’s house looks like thanks to you; but where’s [Park] Yoo Chun?’ and ‘He looks so manly but he’s so mischievous.’

JYJ met with its fans in its fan exhibition held from June 30 to July 1.



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