Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lee Byung Hun Says He Failed His Driver’s License Test Nine Times

The seemingly perfect Lee Byung Hun, voice actor for Hyundai Motor Company, confessed that he had failed his driver’s license test nine times.The confession came in the interview posted on Hyundai Motor Company’s advertisement page.

When the interviewer asked whether he had any special memories about cars, the actor said, “I failed my driver’s license test nine times, and I finally made it on my 10th try. I had to take the entire test over again from the written examination if I failed my 10th, so I did my best with the thought that it was my last chance, and I made it.”

He added with a laugh, “My mother used to drive an indigo Sonata Gold. I took the car out for a drive after I got my license, but I found turning the curves so hard that I just drove in a straight line for about an hour. I barely managed to make a u-turn to go back home.”

“I see a lot of Hyundai cars overseas,” he said. “I’m happy to be modeling for such a company.”

To a question asking how he felt while shooting his first Hollywood film G.I.Joe, he answered, “It felt like I was swimming the open sea without anything to point me. I could set down the burden I felt only after we finished shooting and I heard I had done well.”

He finished, “I want to be a passionate actor. The life I believe would be brilliant is a life in which I can work hard and enjoy some positive relaxation.”

Lee Byung Hun recently returned to Korea after attending a hand printing event with Ahn Sung Ki in Hollywood.

His film, Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King, is set for a premiere this fall. His second Hollywood film G.I.Joe 2 will premiere across the world in March 2013.



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