Sunday, July 1, 2012

Loyalty of ‘Infinity Challenge’ viewers demonstrated through high viewer ratings on reruns

Despite MBC broadcasting yet another rerun of ‘Infinity Challenge‘ due to the ongoing strike, the show has still managed to record 4.7% in viewer ratings.

On July 1st, AGB Nielsen Media Research revealed that the June 30th episode of the show recorded 4.7% nationwide, the same number recorded as last week’s episode.
Before the strike, the show consistently recorded high up in the 19.5% range, but because of the five month hiatus the show was inevitably forced to take, the ratings have dropped to a low 4-5%.
Despite the drop, the show has nothing to worry about, as it’s still a remarkably high number compared to other shows in its time slot. ‘We Got Married‘ recently returned to regular broadcasts, but still only recorded 5.1%, a 0.4% point difference compared to the rerun of ‘Infinity Challenge’.
The secret to ‘Infinity Challenge’ maintaining its viewership despite 22 weeks of no new episodes can be credited to none other than its loyal viewership.
Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver


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