Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MBLAQ’s Thunder Releases Solo Single ‘Don’t Go’ for Upcoming Concert

MBLAQ’s Thunder released his moody solo single Don’t Go on July 4.

The single is part of a release of solo songs to be performed during The BLAQ% Tour, and follows the previous release of G.O and Mir’s duet Wild.

Don’t Go is an R&B piece with a sad melody and lyrics that sing of how a man feels after breaking up without saying anything as if he’s okay.

Thunder especially showed his attachment to and pride in the piece by participating in lyricizing and composing the song.

A rep from his agency J.Tune Camp said, “The reveal of the members’ self-composed songs for their Asia tour was made possible through their will and talent. You can see it yourself at the tour.”

Thunder will perform Don’t Go for the first time at MBLAQ’s Asia tour concert. The BLAQ% Tour in Seoul will take place from July 21-22.


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