Monday, July 2, 2012

Park Han Byul tweets a photo taken with Shin Bora and Song Joon Geun from ‘The Discovery of Life’

Actress Park Han Byul recently shared a photo taken with comedians Shin Bora and Song Joon Geun, who are part of the segment, ‘The Discovery of Life‘ on KBS‘s ‘Gag Concert‘.

On July 1st, the actress tweeted, “It has already been several months since I’ve been hooked on ‘Gag Concert’. I’ll be appearing on ‘The Discovery of Life’ today! I took part in the filming as if I had fallen into the TV. Amazing. Tonight! Please don’t miss it! Hehe.”
Upon seeing the photo, fans left various comments such as, “Totally looking forward to it!“, “Wow, you’re appearing on ‘Gag Concert’?!“, and “I can’t wait to see the interaction between you and Shin Bora.”
‘The Discovery of Life’ is a skit that reflects what happens when a couple breaks up and is known for inviting popular stars on its weekly segment. The July 1st broadcast of ‘Gag Concert – The Discovery of Life’ consisted of actress Park Han Byul, who played the role of Song Joon Geun’s new girlfriend.
In a related news, Park Han Byul will be making a comeback through horror movie, ‘Two Moons‘ which will hit theaters on July 12th.
Source: Park Han Byul’s Twitter


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