Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shin Dong Yeop Really, Really Loved Jo Kwon’s High Heel Performance

Shin Dong Yeop opened up on how he loved Jo Kwon’s performance…a bit too much.Jo Kwon and SISTAR appeared as guests on the July 2 broadcast of KBS2’s Hello.

While introducing the guests, MC Lee Young Ja touched on Jo Kwon’s comeback performance of the single Animal and said, “Shin Dong Yeop was so surprised. [He said] it was a performance that only Jo Kwon can take on in Korea.”

To this Shin Dong Yeop added about Jo Kwon’s high heels, “The platforms are at the front, and the heels are left floating in thin air. It felt like a fragile and weak water deer. It was a unique experience. I want to see it again. I still remember how I shuddered at the time.”

When Shin Dong Yeop continued to talk excitedly, fellow MC Jung Chan Woo said, “He loves anything erotic, whether it be boys or girls,” and SISTAR’s Bora also teased, “His ears have turned red.”

Shin Dong Yeop was taken aback, and shot back, “What do you mean, my ears are red? Why should my ears turn red while thinking about Jo Kwon?” but his ears turned even redder, pitching the studio into laughter.

He tried to blow it off by poking Jo Kwon on the chest, but Jo Kwon crossed his arms over his chest and tried to get away, making everyone roar with more laughter.



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