Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SISTAR’s Hyorin Reveals Her First Impressions of Her Fellow Members

SISTAR’s Hyorin has candidly shared her first impression of her fellow SISTAR members. Appearing on the July 2 broadcast of KBS’ Hello, SISTAR’s Hyorin shared on her first impression of her fellow members saying, “All the members′ first impressions were good.”

She then shared on each member’s first impression saying, “Soyou was very girly and pretty while Dasom was really beautiful.”

Hearing the praises of her fellow members, Bora then eagerly asked Hyolyn, “How about me?” in a cute manner.

But to her surprise and disappointment, Hyorin shared, “Bora unnie seemed like she came from out in the country somewhere,” which made the studio laugh. 

However, Dasom later shared, “[Hyorin’s] pupils were so big she looked like a bird.” 



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