Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SISTAR’s Soyu can see ghosts?

On the July 2nd episode of KBS‘s talk show, ‘Hello‘, SISTAR‘s Soyu shared a story about a time when she saw a ghost.

The show featured a security guard who explained that he had so many fears, it was hard for him to perform his duties at night. Soyu spoke on the issue and spooked everyone when she began by saying, “People that see ghosts have it harder.” She then relayed one instance in which she saw a ghost. “During my trainee days, I remember getting on an elevator with my friend. When the door opened, someone was standing there so I screamed, ‘Ah!’”
She continued, “My friend looked at me and asked, ‘What’s wrong with you? There’s nobody there.’”
To play on the fear of the security guard and the SISTAR members, the producers had specially asked a person dressed up as a ghost to make a sudden appearance on the set, causing Bora to scream and Soyu to actually shed a few tears from fear.
Unfazed by the inicident, Hyorin looked at the two and nagged, “Be quiet!
Source + Photos: Star Today via Naver


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