Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Whatever happened to YG Entertainment’s new boy group?

Back in 2011, YG Entertainment made a big announcement, saying, “Next year, we will be introducing a boy group and a girl group.
Ever since, the company has been slowly revealing the progress of its girl groups ‘YG Girls’ Generation’ and SuPearls. However, news pertaining to YG’s boy group has still not been mentioned.
After the rehearsal video of ‘Future 2NE1′ was released on July 2nd, many have become curious about the supposed boy group, whose plans remain in the shadows. Some have commented, “They’re only releasing [news concerning] the girl groups one after the other; what happened to the boy group?,” “Last year, it seemed like there was a lot of commotion regarding whether or not Kang Seung Yoon(Superstar K2 contestant) would [become part of YG and its boy band], but now there’s none of that anymore,” and, “They released the practice video of a trainee group that is coming out in 4 years, but what happened to the boy group that’s supposed to debut this year?
While sitting down for an interview with Newsen, representatives of YG Entertainment replied to this question, saying, “It is true that we are in the process of preparing our [new] boy group.” They continued to clarify, “However, we have not decided on anything, neither the group’s composition, nor their debut date, etc.” Thus, it seems that the public will not find out much about YG’s boy group progress for a while, as the company itself is still quite uncertain about it.
Source: Newsen via Nate


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