Friday, November 30, 2012

Sun introduced her fiancé to J.Y Park before making the marriage announcement

It has been revealed that Sun had introduced her fiance to the JYP Entertainment employees before making the marriage announcement.

On representative from JYP Entertainment stated, “Before her announcement, Sun introduced her fiance to the JYP Entertainment family such as J.Y. Park and CEO Jeong Wook.” Sun had been a JYP Entertainment trainee since she was in elementary school, so she had a family like relationship with many of the employees. The representative added, “Sun is a very thoughtful person and she loves her JYP family. JYP Entertainment also put Sun’s happiness first, so she made her announcement in a really good and positive mood.
CEO Jeong Wook also added, “I’ve met Sun’s fiancee. Sun introduced us. He was someone sincere and a type of person you can trust. There were people who seemed to worry that Sun’s marriage would affect our company but Sun’s happiness comes before anything else.


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