Thursday, June 28, 2012

‘Infinity Challenge’ Members Transform into ‘Gentlemen of Dignity’

Despite the extremely long-lasting labor strike happening over at MBC, Infinity Challenge, which hasn’t aired a new episode since January, is still creating a buzz amongst netizens, this time as ‘gentlemen of dignity.’Recently uploaded on an online community, an analysis of the Infinity Challenge members as the characters of SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity has been creating and uproar of laughter as the comparisons made have been spot on.
The very talented and witty netizen, who brought this piece of artwork together, gave Jang Dong Gun’s character of Kim Do Jin of Yoo Jae Suk with the new name ‘Kim Dddok Jin,’ after the MC’s nickname grasshopper (mae ddoo ki).

Park Myung Soo became ‘Seo Myung Soo,’ after Kim Ha Neul’s Seo Yi Soo.

For Jung Jun Ha, who is known for his large head, he was named after Kim Soo Ro’s Im Tae San with the new name ‘Im Dae Gal San,’ whereas ‘Dae Gal’ means big head.

Noh Hong Chul became the immature and playful Lee Jung Hyuk’s Lee Jong Rok renamed as Lee Hong Rok,’ Jung Hyung Don as ‘Choi Yoon Don’ (Kim Min Jong’s Choi Yoon), HaHa as ‘Ha Min Sook’ (Kim Jung Nan’s Park Min Sook), and Gil as ‘Gil Mae Ari’ (Yoon Ji Ni’s Im Mae Ari).

Finally, the drama’s mysterious character of Collin, played CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun, was portrayed by Infinity Challenge’s popular producer Kim Tae Ho, who received no new name, as Collin still remains mysterious in the drama setting.

The creator cleverly wrote out, “Been searching for something for over twenty weeks,” referring to Collin’s character, who has been searching someone for twenty years, but also to the ongoing MBC strike, which has cancelled Infinity Challenge for twenty weeks.

Netizens , who were able to laugh off the stress and agony over not seeing Infinity Challenge commented, “This makes me miss Infinity Challenge so much more,” “It must have been difficult making all of this,” and “Is this the dignity of Infinity Challenge?”



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