Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rolling Out the Blue Carpet at the 20’s Choice Awards

The Mnet 20’s Choice Awards is close at hand. The ceremony has always helped fans cool down in the hot summer with a summer party that brings together play and culture, and this year again it will be taking place with a bigger and better stage on June 27 at The Oasis in Banyan Tree Club & Spa.

The 20’s Choice Awards represent the summer. It’s a festival that features performances from singers that the 20s like, and passionate partying in the crowd.

Although it is a ceremony, the awards aren’t the only things that matter.

The 20’s Choice Awards are about enjoying the good content the producers and stars put together with each other’s help. It’s a ceremony and it’s a self-celebratory event.

This is why it doesn’t take place in a serious theater or hall, but in pools or special themed locations.

The event took place at the Walkerhill Riverpark last year, and this year it’s moved to The Oasis at Banyan Tree Club & Spa, a known hot location among celebrities. It aims to concentrate more on the party and the fun.

No other ceremony in Korea takes place at a pool. It’s that casual, and it’s that fun.

Serious ceremonies roll out the red carpet in its entrance. The 20’s Choice Awards, however, which take place in the hot summer, greet the arrivals not with a red carpet, but a blue carpet.

Stars also don simple and trendy blue and white colored looks for the unique scene. The blue carpet event has become one of the biggest attractions of the 20’s Choice Awards.

The ceremony is also known for having star singers collaborate in never-before-seen combinations. In 2008, the sexy divas Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Hyori performed together for the first time ever on television. They sang out both their hits D.I.S.C.O.and U-Go-Girl together on the same stage.

Last year, Hyuna stripped off her heels in the pouring rain and danced barefoot on the wet stage. Kim Hyun Joong also had girls screaming in delight when he bared his chest in the rain during the performance of his solo single Breakdown.

Such wet, rainy and revealing performances can only be seen at the summer party, the 20’s Choice Awards.



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