Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big Bang and K-Pop Featured in ′A-Z of Pop′ in UK’s The Guardian

The famous and influential UK newspaper, The Guardian made a ‘glossary of 2012’s essential musical movements’ titled, ‘An A-Z of Modern Pop.’

Among the 26 genres of music, K-Pop was featured on the list, highlighting Big Bang and 2NE1.

Written by five of The Guardian’s writers, the blurb about K-Pop read:
Korean pop isn′t a new phenomenon, but it′s currently poised to launch a squeaky-clean assault on western tween affections. Frontrunners in this brand of meticulously produced, turbo-charged bubblegum pop include 2NE1 – who′ve been working with Will.i.am – and BigBang, who beat Britney to a European MTV Award last year.

The key track that was suggested for K-Pop was Big Bang’s Feeling, which was released on June 3 in Big Bang’s special edition album Still Alive.

Check out the original article here.



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