Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dara announces 2NE1′s ‘me2day Star Chatting’ event!

Dara has announced 2NE1‘s ’me2day Star Chatting‘ event!

The 2NE1 member posted to me2day on July 2nd KST, “What’s up?!? Everyone~ Shall we talk? July 11th evening!!! me2day star chatting with 2NE1!!! Are there things you’ve been curious about or wanted to tell us?!? I’m curious! For those who want to participate~ Right now! Register~ ^_^ It’s real chatting~! Wow~ My heart’s fluttering! What should we talk about…?”
Registration for a chance to participate in the chatting event will be open from July 2nd until the 9th at midnight KST. The ten lucky Blackjacks who’ve won the opportunity to chat with the 2NE1 members will be revealed on July 10 KST, and the actual chat event will take place on the evening of the 11th.
Fans must download me2day’s official smartphone application, click on the “People are” button, click on “Events”, and finally choose “me2day Star Chatting 2NE1 version” to enter.
In the meantime watch out for the release of their upcoming single “I Love You” on July 5th.
Source: Dara’s me2day


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