Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Han Ye Seul Spotted in Yonsei University?

A photo was recently uploaded on an online community titled, “Han Ye Seul at Yonsei University.” In the picture, a very beautiful lady wearing sunglasses and appearing as a college student smiled brightly. 

The problem was that no one was 100 percent whether the woman in question was actually Han Ye Seul herself, especially since she has recently been caught in rumors of dating a son of a steel conglomerate..

Why she would appear so publicly on a college campus during such times has netizens boggled and led to believe that this woman in the photo is not her.

Netizens have said, “She gained a bit of weight, but that’s definitely her,” “If it’s not her, who is it?” “That’s a lookalike,” and “She seems a bit too plain to be Han Ye Seul.” 



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