Friday, November 30, 2012

MBC begins pre-orders for the 2013 ‘Infinity Challenge’ calendar

Sales are soaring for ‘Infinity Challenge‘s’ 2013 calendar!

MBC began pre-orders for the special 2013 calendars and diaries on November 30th through the MBC T Shop, d&shop, and GS Shop with shipments starting December 14th.
As of today, the official homepage for the MBC T Shop suffered a server crash from the influx of viewers and fans swarming in to purchase the goods. The calendars were produced using two fanmade creations chosen through a design concert that started in September.
The calendar comes in three different versions (desktop, hanging, bromide) while the diary comes in the colors of either purple or green. Those lucky enough to purchase the special package will see a ‘Moodori’ sticker with their purchase.


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