Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Park Han Byul Says She Wants to be in Warmer Roles

Park Han Byul, who added another horror film to her filmography with Two Moons, said, “I took on many roles that don’t show much emotion because of my cold image, but now I want to try out warmer roles.”Park Han Byul debuted with Whispering Corridors 3 : Wishing Stairs, and continued to star in horror films such as Yoga because of her characteristic cold image.

For dramas also she mostly appeared as the cold, other woman.

Park Han Byul appeared as So Hee, another cold girl who doesn’t seem to feel much emotion, for Two Moons.

At the press preview and roundtable for the film held on July 2, Park Han Byul said, “I was happy to appear in the film, but personally, I want to take up warmer genres rather than horror films or thrillers in the future.”

Two Moons is a mystery horror film about three men and women who wake up in the basement of a mysterious house and try to find their lost memories in order to escape. Kim Ji Suk and Park Jin Joo will also star in the film. It will premiere on July 12.



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