Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lee Jang Woo and Park Geon Hyeong Share an Umbrella in ‘I Do I Do’

Rivals Lee Jang Woo and Park Geon Hyeong have been snapped sharing an umbrella in a downpour. In new preview still cuts for MBC’s I Do I Do, the two, whose characters are both vying for the affection and heart of Kim Sun Ah, are seen quietly sharing an umbrella in a downpour.

Though the scene was a somewhat tense one, as soon as the camera stopped filming, the two immediately began laughing and showing the friendly relationship the two share in real life. 

Netizens commented on the photos saying, “Have the two already become close enough to share an umbrella?”, “The two are enemies in the drama but are so close in real life!” and “I can’t wait for the next episode.”

The scene will air in the upcoming July 4 episode.



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