Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Which Star is Making a Cameo on ‘I Do I Do’ as Kim Sun Ah’s Ex?

In the upcoming episode of MBC’s I Do I Do, singer Hong Kyung Min will be making a cameo appearance as the ex-boyfriend of Kim Sun Ah’s character, who broke things off with her a while ago.In the drama, Hong Kyung Min’s character is a romantic guy who plans wine, cake and a vacation with Kim Sun Ah’s Hwang Ji An character on their second anniversary together.

Hong Kyung Min, who is close with Kim Sun Ah in real life, agreed to the cameo right away despite knowing the shooting would take place in the early hours. 

On his cameo, Hong Kyung Min shared, “It was great to experience the energy from the set directly after a long while. Since I regularly watch I Do I Do, shooting for the drama proved even more fun.”

Hong Kyung Min’s appearance will air on the July 4 episode of I Do I Do on MBC. 



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