Monday, July 2, 2012

Shinhwa Holds Successful First Concert in Guangzhou

Shinhwa completed a successful first concert in Guangzhou.Some 8,000 excited fans gathered at the Guangti Gymnasium on June 30 for Shinhwa’s sixth stop on its2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour – The Return.

The concert was a meaningful one for the Shinhwa members as it marked the first time in Shinhwa’s 14-year career it held a concert in Guangzhou.

Even before the concert, the press conference for the concert was attended by all the major press outlets, reflecting Shinhwa’s status as a hallyu icon.

Greeting fans in Cantonese, the Shinhwa members showed overflowing charisma and energy from start to end of the concert.

Despite being in the process of recovering from a recent back surgery, Jun Jin joined his fellow members on stage as well. 

Regarding the concert, a Shinhwa Company representative said, “We want to thank all the many fans who waited and showed their overflowing love. It was a performance where we could feel the love from the passionate fans and we will continue to give our all until our last performance.”

Shinhwa’s final concert in its Asia tour will take place on July 7 in Beijing.



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